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Role Of Buffering In Cleaning A Mat

Role Of Buffering In Cleaning A Mat

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Carpet cleaning for removal of dirt, stains, allergens and enhancing its appearance is performed through a series of ways. One of the techniques used in carpet sanitization is buffer cleaning. This method is also called bonnet cleaning. It is performed periodically for light maintenance of carpet. Before performing this method, a carpet is vacuumed, and treated with a chemical solution. This solution is sprayed with the help of an electric sprayer or a hand pump. Once the solution stays on the mat for some time, it starts its reaction. This is the ideal time to perform buffer technique. To know more about how this procedure is performed, read this post.

Mat Cleaning Service
Mat Cleaning Service

Working of Buffering

After when the cleaning product gets deposited on the stain surface in the form of a mist, a “bonnet” is used to scrub the cleaning product with a circular motion. Bonnet is an industry machine that looks like a floor buffer. It comes with oscillating pad or absorbent spin that attracts dirt towards it. This is then followed by thorough rinsing of the bonnet and repetition of the procedure till the stain vanishes.  

The absorbent pad resembles like a towel. It lies on a rotary floor machine that spun on the surface of carpet at around 100rpm to 300 rpm. This action impregnates the fiber of carpet with the chemical agent and raise it up along with the dirt. Buffering procedure is found to be efficient in cleaning 1/8 inch of the top area of the carpet. It is relatively quick for wide regions.

To accomplish carpet sanitization, it is required for an absorbent bonnet to be well lubricated using a cleaning agent. This will help in lowering pile distortion. Bonnets tend to get filled with dirt easily when exposed to it. Once they get loaded with dirt, they are not able to hold it any more. If they are not regularly cleaned, they will simply displace the dirt from one region to another. For proper functioning of the bonnet, it is needed to clean it or replace it on a regular basis. Don’t use an excessive wet bonnet as it attracts dirt very easily. This would need you to clean them more often.

Advantages of Buffering Technique

  • Fast, affordable and simple
  • Produce remarkable cleaning outcome with lightly soiled mattresses.

Drawback of Buffering Technique

  • Only capable of cleaning the one-third top layer of mattress fibers. Buffer technique isn’t able to reach deeper into the fabric.
  • Leaves chemicals and dirt to deposit at the bottom of your carpet fiber.

How Do You Benefit from Professional Carpet Cleaning Services?

Professional carpet cleaning expert make use of various carpet cleaning techniques that helps in extensive cleaning of carpets, mats, furniture, flooring, curtains and other accessories in a home. These Professional Carpet Cleaning in Sydney firms specializes in providing two types carpet cleaning methods: wet cleaning and dry cleaning. For wet cleaning, hot water extraction and buffer cleaning methods are used and dry cleaning involves application of chemical solutions by specialized machines equipped with counter rotating brushes, cylinders and pads.  

Carpet Cleaning Service
Carpet Cleaning Service

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