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How to Clean Kitchen Carpets?

Kitchen Carpet Cleaning Services

While we are not a huge fan of carpet flooring in a kitchen ourselves, we understand the need for carpeted kitchen in some households for one reason or another. Kitchen carpets are one of the most difficult to maintain areas of carpeting due to large amount of spills and foot traffic. In our today’s article,

How to Remove Urine Smell from your Carpet?

Carpet Pet Urine Smell Removal

Removing urine smells from the carpet involves sanitization of the carpet. This is done by carpet odour removal and carpet stain removal. This requires professional carpet cleaning. Within a family of children and few pets at home, you are quite familiar with the accidental stains and odour left on the carpet. The stains ranges from

Role Of Buffering In Cleaning A Mat

Mat Cleaning Service

Introduction Carpet cleaning for removal of dirt, stains, allergens and enhancing its appearance is performed through a series of ways. One of the techniques used in carpet sanitization is buffer cleaning. This method is also called bonnet cleaning. It is performed periodically for light maintenance of carpet. Before performing this method, a carpet is vacuumed,