Crystal Carpet Cleaners offers carpet cleaning Adelaide, carpet protection and effective cleaning solutions for residential as well as commercial properties. No matter how hard you try, all carpets have a tendency to get dirty with time. Although DIY methods can provide temporary relief, they must not be trusted for long-term results. In carpet cleaning Brisbane, environment-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products are used that are safe not just for your family but for the environment as well. These chemicals, when used in a proper manner, can effectively reduce molds, bacteria and dust mites which can worsen the condition of allergy sufferers.

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

What makes us the best-

Our company has built a noteworthy reputation in the carpet cleaning industry. Moreover, our mission is to deliver the services reliable to our customers. Our services are open for the customers throughout the year. The customers can any time call the Crystal Carpet Cleaners to facilitate themselves with our matchless services. Moreover, we provide 100% guarantee of our work.

Hence, we are a preferable choice for the customers seeking neat and clean carpets. Moreover, there are no hidden charges of services, professionally trained staff, a guarantee of satisfaction of the clients and service accredited by renowned national standard organizations serving in this field. We have been in this industry for more than 20 years.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners deals with the commercial clients from schools, kindergartens, colleges, nursing homes, hospitality, medical centers, professionals, insurances, retail, mining, construction, marine industry along with specialization in catering to the residential sector.

Our Carpet Cleaning Methods

Here are some of the treatments you can expect us to perform Carpet Cleaning Adelaide. Whether you require any of this treatment or not is something which depends on your type of carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide

Carpet Steam Cleaning Adelaide

The steam cleaning method is one of the most effective methods to give your carpets a new-like look. Using hose nozel warm water with cleaning synthetic substances is sprayed specifically on the floor. The steam machine which is at a high point vacuums the fluid. The vacuuming expels any broke down soil that is in the carpet filaments. This is a deep cleaning process for removal of deep stains. Hence, for all the heavily soiled carpets, carpet steam cleaning is the solution. Contact our professionals for carpet steam cleaning. Eventually, they will come up with the results to your satisfaction.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning framework utilizes no-moisture or “very low moisture” (VLM) cleaning method. Certain mobile machines or truck mounts utilize synthetic items known as “dry” shampoos to tidy up the carpets. The dry shampoo can remove dirt, stains, and allergens adequately; in any case, it is better to incline towards steam cleaning as it performs better. This method is especially very effective in winters. This is usually the most preferred method by the clients. It has the following advantages:

Carpet Dry Cleaning Adelaide

Carpet Dry Cleaning Adelaide

  • The carpets are dry only after an hour of treatment
  • The cleaning solutions are safe to use and make the carpets free from all sort of germs
  • The stains are removed effectively as compared to other methods
  • The drying process ensures that there is no detergent residue left in the carpets
  • The dry cleaning solution leaves the carpets with a pleasant smell
  • The drying process is carried out carefully that does not damage or stretch your carpets
  • The system restores the original chemical balance of the carpets in order to rejuvenate it completely

Carpet Steam Cleaning

This is the most powerful cleaning methodology. This employs the steam cleaning along with the scrubbing action that loosens up the stains by heavily soiled areas. This cleaning is especially employed by the lease rental at the end and the owner-occupiers. After being cleaned, one does not have to wait for it to dry up. You can bring the carpets in use immediately after cleaning.

Scotchgard Stain Protection-

While avoiding spills is something which is out of your control, it hurts even more if it occurs right after the cleaning process. But you need not worry anymore as our Scotchgard stain protection service is what you can easily avail under such circumstances. This includes the use of stain protectants on your precious carpets. Moreover, the cleaning becomes easier and a new-like feel of your carpet will surely amaze you.

Soctchguard Stain Protection Adelaide

Soctchguard Stain Protection Adelaide

The process- We apply an effective stain repellant on your carpet which is environment-friendly and safe at the same time. This ensures that you never have to worry about an accidental spill or have a tough time cleaning your carpet. No stains are able to settle deep into your carpet, once you avail our services. Contact us now to give your carpets an extended protection.

After seeing all the methods used for carpet cleaning, I am hopeful that now you can make an easy choice for the method to go for while availing the services of Crystal Carpet Cleaners!

Our Carpet Cleaning Procedure-

  • Online Booking-

    Get in touch with us over the call or avail our online booking option and fix an appointment as per your convenience. You receive a confirmation soon from our end.

  • Meet the Experts-

    Our expert will arrive right on time at your doorstep.

  • Initial Inspection-

    Our experts will do an initial inspection in which they will determine the type of fabric, material and suggest the best cleaning method accordingly. He will also convey the price to you after which the cleaning process is going to initiate.

    Carpet Sanitising & Deodorising

    Carpet Sanitising & Deodorising

  • Cleaning-

    Before initiating the cleaning process, the experts will remove all the furniture and any other item which might be lying on your carpet. This will ensure the cleaning of the entire carpet. They will then proceed with the best carpet cleaning method which suits your requirements. This usually involves vacuuming, scrubbing, dry clean method etc. to name a few.

  • Sanitization –

    We will re-inspect your carpet to make sure they are 100% clean and tidy. Our experts will finally sanitize your carpets to make sure there are free from all germs and bacteria. Hence, the final results would be beautiful carpets which are 100% neat and clean.

Why choose us-

  • Expert services right at your doorstep
  • 24*7 availability with an option of same day carpet cleaning services
  • Quality services at an affordable price
  • Use of non-toxic, environment- friendly chemicals
  • Restoration of carpets to a new-like condition
  • 100% quality assurance and customer satisfaction guarantee

Give us a call on 1800 425 549 to talk to our experts now and avail our exceptional services in no time!

Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia