Crystal Carpet Cleaners Australia

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Australia

Carpet Cleaning Sydney: Fast Drying & Non-Toxic

We have a passion for fresh, pristine carpets and the overall cleaning process.

If you’ve been using those old-fashioned DIY steam cleaning devices but have been disappointed with the results, or you need bond cleaning, you’ll want the best carpet cleaning Sydney has to offer.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners has performed professional carpet cleaning in Sydney for more than 25 years. We are the local, family-operated carpet cleaning service that Sydney residents trust more than any other.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners in Sydney Australia Expert Quality You Can Trust

Professional Carpet Cleaning Sydney

No one wants to think about their carpets as a breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria, and mould, but that’s exactly what happens to carpets, rugs, and mattresses over time.

Regular vacuuming helps keep these nasty bugs under control for a while, but deep carpet cleaning requires more than your everyday vacuuming work.

Our Professional Rug Cleaning Services Are Outstanding!

We use a state-of-the-art product called Hot Water Extraction. While this might sound like steam cleaning, it couldn’t be more different.

Our process uses carbonation, a completely safe and natural way to remove tough stains and have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Don’t Waste Money on Those Canned Carpet Cleaners

Perhaps you’ve seen those carpet cleaning products in a can at your local supermarket or department store. These might be useful for a minor spot clean, but you can probably get better results by using plain soap and water.

If you aren’t sure what product would work best on your rug cleaning chore or carpet cleaning task, call the friendly staff at Crystal Carpet Cleaners.

Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic Products

Carpet Cleaning Redfern Sydney


Everyone is concerned about our environment and with good reason. You should know that our carpet cleaning services use 80 percent less water than traditional steam cleaning.

This makes our professional cleaning services a real water saver!

Not only do we use far less water, but we also aren’t dumping toxic chemicals or soap into our wastewater system.

That makes our carpet cleaning process as environmentally safe as possible!

Non-Toxic Cleaning Agents Mean NO Residue!

If your pets or family members are sensitive to the dyes, perfumes, or chemicals found in many cleaning agents, you’ll be happy to know that Crystal Carpet Cleaning Sydney uses a natural process involving carbonation, so there is nothing left behind except for cleaner, fresher carpets.

Carpet steam cleaning relies on perfumed soaps with dyes and other chemicals that leave a residue behind. Ever felt “crunchy” carpet fibres after carpet steam cleaning? That is soap residue!

When you use Crystal Carpet Cleaners, you can lose the crunchy carpets and enjoy pristine, sanitised carpets that are completely dry in hours!


Enjoy Fresher Indoor Air Quality

You might not have thought about it, but did you know that your carpets can affect your indoor air quality?

Not only do you bring in pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants, and other ugly allergens into your home with every step, but those items are also released into the air you and your family are breathing!

Get Rid of Allergens with Crystal Carpet Cleaners!

Our dry carpet cleaning service will remove not only the dirt you can see but also dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens that can irritate sensitive noses.

Improve your indoor air quality and reduce allergens while enjoying pristine, sanitised carpets and rugs!

Fastest Drying Time Imaginable!

Crystal Carpet Cleaners in Sydney offers super fast drying time


With traditional carpet cleaning methods, you’ll find that carpets take days to dry. Even then, while the carpet may feel dry on the surface, the padding or subfloor underneath could still be wet, growing mould and bacteria. Yuck! That’s an ugly thought.

With our professional carpet cleaning services, you can throw those concerns out the window!

Our specialised cleaning solutions mean that your carpet is completely dry, all the way to the floor, within 2-3 hours, max!

Clean, dry, sanitised carpets that are dry in 2 hours?! That’s what you’ll get when you use the most professional carpet cleaning service in Sydney- Crystal Carpet Cleaners.

Trusted Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Servicing Sydney

Whether you have super stubborn stains that seem to be permanent, delicate carpets, or your carpet fibres have been flattened and ruined due to water damage, we are here to help!

We are the trusted service in Sydney and New South Wales that not only dry-cleans carpets but also restores damaged carpets in many cases.

Trust our highly experienced and skilled technicians to sanitise, remove odours and unsightly stains, and restore your carpet to its former glory.

Professional carpet cleaner servicing a home in Sydney, Australia


Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Our expert technicians know that your carpet is an expensive investment so we take extra care to ensure that the carpet cleaning process is easy for you but thorough for your carpet!

First, we will do a complete inspection, taking note to remove stubborn stains, where the high-traffic areas are, and the overall condition of your carpet.

We will then do a thorough pre-vacuuming of your carpet. This isn’t your everyday vacuum but an extremely high-powered suction device, known as deep vacuuming, that removes as much surface dirt and grime possible.


Now Comes the Real Work

Our professional cleaner will apply the hot water extraction method using hot carbonation. Think of these as tiny scrubbing bubbles that gently bubble dirt, grime, stains, pet urine stains and odours, dust mites, and other allergens right to the surface of your carpet fibres.

After the cleaning method is complete, the technician will inspect the carpet again for any stains that still require extra attention, as well as provide fabric protection or stain protection as requested.

Dry in Hours, Not Days!

Most carpet cleaners using traditional steam cleaning stop here and wait for your carpets to dry, but not at Crystal Carpet Cleaners!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning by Cyrstal Carpet Cleaners Australia - Before and After Photo


Our high-quality service means that we will again apply the hot water extraction machine and remove every possible drop of water and carbonation that might still be present.

The professionally trained technician will fluff the carpet fibres to ensure that your carpets look as good as the day you bought them!

Because of our advanced equipment, your carpet is completely dry and ready to use in 2-3 hours.

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

We Professionally Clean All Types of Carpet in the Sydney/NSW Metro Area

A newly cleaned floor rug placed in the living room of a house in Sydney


Carpet cleaning is a labour-intensive job that requires experience and the latest techniques to get your carpets and rugs deep-down clean.

Do you have oriental rugs that need cleaning? Got delicate fabric rugs? Want to remove dirt from your sisal carpet or coir carpets?

Even if you don’t know what type of carpet or rug you have, the certified technicians can determine what your floor coverings are made of and the best cleaning method to use.

We Offer Affordable Pricing for All Local Sydney Customers

From Western Sydney to the Eastern suburbs, from North Shore to Padstow, the Hills District to North Sydney, if you’re in the NSW metro area, we are the carpet cleaning experts you can rely on.

Professional carpet cleaning services don’t have to put a big dent in your budget!


You’ll Find the Best Prices and The Best Service Here

Carpet cleaning prices vary depending on many factors, such as room size, whether you need stain treatment, how many people live in the location, and how long it’s been since the last carpet cleaning was performed. In general, you could be looking at prices as low as $95 per room.

A small flat might cost only $35! Imagine having professional carpet cleaners perform carpet cleaning services in Sydney for less than an evening out!

No hidden charges, no surprise fees, the price we quote is the price you pay!


Experienced and Qualified Technicians for Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Why should you call Crystal Carpet Cleaners?

First, we are a family-owned and operated business doing carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and other cleaning solutions for nearly three decades.

No one does carpet cleaning in Sydney and NSW better than Crystal Carpet Cleaners.

Don’t Waste Time and Money with Carpet Steam Cleaning

Why rent one of those DIY steam cleaning machines, do hours of agonizing back-breaking work moving furniture, and then wait days for your carpet to dry only to discover that you have dirty carpets again (often in just days) or that those stains are now permanent?

Why not call the professional team at Crystal Carpet Cleaners for pristine clean carpets that are dry in 2-3 hours?

rug cleaning service in Sydney, Australia


Bonded and Insured

We don’t sublet to others, we do the work ourselves!

Every technician is bonded and insured, so you can feel safe about who you are letting into your home.

Removing dirt is easy. Removing stains? Not as easy. Having the powerful equipment and cutting-edge tools to do the job right? Want sanitised carpets that are dry in hours?

That can only happen when you call Crystal Carpet Cleaners. Call us today for a free estimate!

Other Services We Offer

At Crystal Carpet Cleaners, carpet cleaning services are just the start of what we have to offer!

Are you looking for:

  • Rug cleaning
  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Bond or End-of-Lease carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Pet urine stain and odour removal
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Leather lounges, sofas, and miscellaneous leather items cleaning services
  • Stain removal and/or stain protection
  • Mould cleaning and prevention
  • Residential carpet cleaning and/or restoration

These are our most asked-for services, but there is no limit to what we can clean!

Call Today for a Free Estimate!

Carpet cleaning services in Sydney shouldn’t be a hassle. Our friendly staff respects your time and understands that you want service that you can rely on.

Never Miss a Work Day Again

Have you ever made an appointment, took the day off work, waited all day, only to have no-show technicians?

That can’t happen with Crystal Carpet Cleaners.


Outstanding Customer Service You Can Rely on!

Our professional carpet cleaners will show up on time, with all of the necessary tools and cleaning solutions required, and be ready to work!

Ask about our customer satisfaction guarantee!


Look at What Our Customers Say About Our Service!

Crystal Carpet Cleaners did an incredible job on our carpets! The team was lovely, and they worked quickly to get the job done. Our floors look fantastic – couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

– Lily G, Bondi

Thanks to Crystal Carpet Cleaners for their outstanding service! The team was so friendly and professional, and our carpets look brand new. Quick and efficient – couldn’t ask for better. Cheers!

– Grace W, Redfern

Rug cleaning with Crystal Carpet Cleaners was a breeze. They handled our delicate rugs with care and expertise, restoring them to their original beauty. Couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

– Ava H, Mascot

It’s Everything You Want and Nothing You Don’t

Why not call today for a free estimate? We offer same-day service in most areas and will do our best to work around your schedule.

You have nothing to lose but all the dirt, grime, and wet, soggy carpets!

Call for your free estimate right now!