Crystal Carpet Cleaners Australia

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Australia

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne: Fast Drying & Non-Toxic

When you need carpet cleaning service in Melbourne, you want the best professional carpet cleaning service available.

Crystal Carpet Cleaning Melbourne not only offers a superior cleaning process, but it does so without using soapy chemicals or cleaning detergents.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne with super fast drying time


We care about your family’s health, so if you are in the Melbourne/Victoria metro area, whether you have a small flat, a large home, or commercial premises, Crystal Carpet Cleaners is the family business you want to call first!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne/Victoria

We are your local company for carpet cleaning Melbourne. Our company is proud to offer professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stain removal, and more.

When homeowners and renters need carpet cleaning specialists, they know they can trust the experts at Crystal Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne to get their carpets deep cleaned.

We Use Non-Toxic and Eco Friendly Products

Everyone should be concerned about our environment, and at Crystal Carpet Cleaners, we use the latest techniques that use 80 percent less water than traditional steam cleaning.

Our services include dry cleaning your carpets using a completely natural hot carbonation process that gently lifts dirt, dust mites, and stains from your carpets without using tons of water.

Non-Toxic Means No Perfume, Soap or Toxic Chemicals

The professional carpet cleaners at Crystal Carpet Cleaners understand that many people are sensitive to dyes and perfumes. We do away with drying soaps, perfumes, and toxic chemicals most often found in stain removers or other cleaning solutions.

Our cutting-edge technology means no dyes, soaps, perfumes, and chemical residue. Just clean and pristine carpet dry cleaning.

Quick Drying Time- Walk on Your Carpets in Just 2 Hours!

Why should you care about fast-drying carpets?

Wet or soggy carpets are breeding grounds for mould and bacteria. Even after cleaning, wet carpets literally attract mould, dirt, and bacteria like a magnet.

close up carpet stain cleaning by professional carpet cleaner in Melbourne Australia


No need to wait days for your carpets to dry! With Crystal Carpet Cleaners’ state-of-the-art technology, you can walk on your completely dry carpets in two hours!

Trusted Carpet Cleaning and Restoration Servicing Melbourne

Chances are that you’ve been meaning to have your carpets cleaned in Melbourne but just haven’t found the time.

We understand that today’s busy lifestyle can make finding time for carpet cleaning a difficult endeavour.

Our professional team aims to make carpet cleaning in Melbourne as simple as possible.

Everyone wants safe, reputable carpet cleaning services that improve indoor air quality, so we ensure that our team is not only highly trained but also fully bonded and insured.

You can trust our experts to remove stubborn stains, clean your upholstery, and do a thorough deep cleaning of your carpets without worrying about who is inside your home.

a family happy with their clean carpet in St Kilda Victoria


Need Carpet Restoration?

Whether your carpet was severely damaged from a flood, a broken pipe, or a dog with an overly active bladder, don’t even think about shopping for new carpets until you talk to the professionals at Crystal Carpet Cleaners.

In many cases, we can provide carpet restoration for a fraction of the price of a new carpet. Using our cutting-edge hot water extraction process, we can rake and reshape carpet fibres so that you can enjoy clean carpets that look nearly new!

Call us today for a free inspection and estimate!

Our Carpet Cleaning Process in Melbourne and Victoria

We start our carpet cleaning in Melbourne by doing a complete inspection of your carpet. This includes looking for stains, worn sections, tears, and heavily soiled areas.

Once we address these issues, including a pre-spray of those stubborn stains, we are ready to start cleaning.

Clean and Healthy Carpets Start with a Good Vacuum

Our deep-cleaning equipment does more than simply clean. We will do a pre-vacuum of the carpet before we apply the cleaning solution.

The high-powered vacuums we employ are exactly what the name sounds like- they suck, but in a good way!

Let the Carpet Cleaning Begin!

Once we have removed all possible dirt, pet hair, pet dander, and other nasties, we will use our hot carbonation process.

Carbonation is similar to the bubbles in your soda, but this process is much more powerful. These scrubbing bubbles will naturally rise to the surface and bring dirt, dust mites, allergens, and other ugly stuff with them.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning by Cyrstal Carpet Cleaners Australia - Before and After Photo Victoria


We Remove the Ugly Stuff  So You Don’t Have To!

Now we put that high-powered vacuum to work again, this time using a fresh bag for extra suction.

Our specialised cleaning solutions mean there is no odour left behind or harsh chemical residue.

We can also add stain protection if you like so those nasty stains can’t make a repeat appearance.

This absolutely beats the heck out of “regular” steam cleaning or “regular” carpet cleaning methods.

Your Carpets Are Clean and Dry in Hours

Forget that old-fashioned way of cleaning carpets which leaves you with wet, soggy carpets for days! Our professional equipment and team know that you want to return to your regular life in hours, not days.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, call our friendly staff today!

We Clean All Types of Carpet in the Melbourne Area

It doesn’t matter what type of carpet you have. With the professional carpet cleaning team at Crystal Carpet Cleaners in Melbourne, you can have pristine carpets and better air quality any time of the year!

If you’ve got Berber carpet in the bedroom but indoor/outdoor carpet in the kids’ playroom, and who knows what kind of carpet in the living room, it’s no problem for the experts at Crystal Carpet Cleaners.

Crystal Carpet Cleaners Expert Quality You Can Trust in Melbourne, Vic Australia


If You’re in the Melbourne/Victoria Metro Area, So Are We!

From Melton to Frankston, Werribee to Lilydale, Portsea to Geelong, we can usually offer next-day service!

If you  need Melbourne carpet cleaning, don’t settle for second-rate professional cleaning services. Call the most trusted name today for cleaner carpets and a healthier environment!

Affordable Pricing for All Local Melbourne Customers

If you’re thinking that this sounds really wonderful on one hand but must cost an arm and a leg on the other hand, think again!

Every flat and house varies by size and the length of time since the carpets were last cleaned, but generally speaking, you can have your carpets clean and ready to walk on in hours with our dry cleaning methods for about $98 per room.

Small flats carpet cleaning can cost as low as $35 per room.

We bet you thought only DIY steam cleaning could be that inexpensive!

Call Us Today!


For the best hot water extraction carpet cleaning process at a price you can afford, call Crystal Carpet Cleaners today!

Our professional and friendly team will be happy to talk to you about our cleaning services in Melbourne, as well as our other services.

Don’t waste your time and money with those DIY steam cleaning rentals- call the carpet cleaning services Melbourne residents trust more than any other!

We Have Experienced and Qualified Technicians!


Our highly skilled technicians know that steam cleaning is not the answer to your carpet cleaning needs.

For professional cleaners who know that carpet cleaning is so much more than just vacuuming with water and use the latest technology, leaving your carpet ready to use in hours, the answer is Crystal Carpet Cleaning Melbourne.


carpet cleaning in Melbourne Victoria


Don’t Trust Your Carpet Cleaning Needs to Just Anyone!

Our carpet cleaning services are so much more than applying hot water extraction and removing the dirt.

Besides carpet cleaning, our experts provide the best customer service possible by inspecting the condition of your carpet fibres, performing stain removal/stain protection methods, and solving pet urine problems.

Our Professional Team is Bonded and Insured

We don’t sublet to other carpet cleaning companies. We are a family business with more than 25 years of committed customer service to homeowners in the Melbourne/Victoria metro area, offering peace of mind and the most competitive carpet cleaning prices in the area.

Call us today for a free estimate!

Other Services We Offer

Don’t let our name Crystal Carpet Cleaners fool you into thinking we only clean carpets. In addition to carpet cleaning, we also offer:

  • Commercial premises carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Pet urine odour and stain removal
  • End-of-Lease (Bond) carpet cleaning
  • Leather cleaning
  • Mould cleaning and prevention
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Stain removal and protection
  • Rug cleaning, including oriental carpets

If you’ve got other cleaning jobs in mind but don’t see them listed here, call for a free quote.

Our friendly staff will be happy to discuss stain removal, the hot water extraction method, tenancy cleaners, or any other type of cleaning job you have in mind.

What Our Customer Say about Us

Everyone claims to be the best, but you should see what our customers say about us:

Big thanks to Crystal Carpet Cleaners for their top-notch service! The team was fantastic, and our carpets look fantastic. Quick, efficient, and friendly – couldn’t ask for more. Cheers!

– Sophie L, Southbank

Crystal Carpet Cleaners’ stain protection service gave us peace of mind knowing our carpets are shielded against spills and accidents. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction set them apart.

– Liam P, Richmond

Crystal Carpet Cleaners are simply amazing! They did a fantastic job on our carpets, and the team was so nice and efficient. Couldn’t be happier with the results. Thanks, guys!

– Amelia H, Fitzroy

If you want the best, call Crystal Carpet Cleaners today and be delighted with pristine carpets tomorrow!


Q: Is carpet dry cleaning better than steam cleaning?

A: Yes, carpet dry cleaning is so much better than steam cleaning. Carpet dry cleaning uses only a few liters of water and is completely dry in a few hours. Steam cleaning uses many liters of water that will soak not only the carpet but also the padding and the subfloor. Even when the carpet feels dry, it can be wet underneath. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria and mould.

Q: How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

A: The ideal frequency of professional carpet cleaning varies depending on the number of people living in the home, the amount of foot traffic, etc. In general, most people find that an interval of 6-12 months works best for them. It keeps their homes cleaner and improves the overall air quality.

Q: Which is the hardest type of carpet to keep clean?

A: The hardest type of carpet to clean is long pile carpet, commonly called shag. While these carpets look luxurious and are great at hiding stains, the longer pile makes it difficult to keep the carpet clean. Shag rug cleaning is easier since there is no padding or backing in most cases, but shag carpets like to keep their secrets, including ugly stains deep inside the pile where they can’t be seen.

Q: Which color carpet looks cleaner longer?

A: Carpets with neutral, darker colors work best at looking cleaner for longer periods of time. No one likes the look of dirty carpets, which is why you see lots of patterns in commercial buildings, such as hotels. Patterns are good at hiding stains, but for carpets that look cleaner for longer amounts of time, stick with neutral colors, especially darker colors, such as tan, brown, and grey. It’s been noted that a deep pile beige carpet adds warmth to a room.

Q: Doesn’t carpet cleaning of any type leave residue behind?

A: Not all carpet cleaning methods are the same. When you want your carpet clean but don’t want that crunchy feeling or perfume residue left behind, you can rely on hot carbonating extraction. This type of carpet cleaning service means your carpets are super clean, without leaving any soap or perfume residue behind.

Q: How can I make my carpets last longer?

A: For a longer carpet life, we recommend avoiding steam cleaning solutions and going with dry carpet cleaning regularly. Dirt and other debris literally cut your carpet fibres from the bottom, leading to dingy carpets that look old and worn out. Having your carpet regularly cleaned means you can eliminate allergens, dust mites, and enjoy your floor coverings for longer, avoiding those expensive replacements.