Do you think your carpet does not have that softness it used to have? Is its color as vibrancy as it was before? Do the rugs look fresh? If the answer to all questions is a simple ‘No’ then it is a time to call the professional carpet cleaners!

Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

From a long list of carpet cleaners, we recommend you to hire the services of Crystal Carpet Cleaners. They offer you their services at an affordable price and clean your carpets quite efficiently. The experts give your carpets and rugs a new look altogether. They do so by giving their special treatments to your carpets and rugs which is sure to give a new life to your carpets. They carry out the cleaning process with their expert team of professional cleaners. Moreover, they have their reputation for providing the services on the same day of the appointment. They also use the latest tools, machinery, and methods to give your carpets a neat and clean look.

What Services does The Crystal Carpet Cleaners Provides to the Customers?

You might be curious to know what services do Crystal Carpet Cleaners provide to its customers?.

At the job, when the team of professional arrive they usually carry a fiber test to get an understanding of the material of the carpets. After that, they figure out the different chemicals that are efficient enough to clean the carpets at your home. This is an important step because if the chemicals are toxic and not according to the type of fibers of carpets, the treatment will damage the carpets as a result.

Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning

    Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

    This method is best for the carpets which are frequently exposed to high traffic. This method suits well for heavy stains too. The method makes use of hot water and is hence name perfectly suits as hot water extraction method. The cleaning solution is put on the carpets by pressure to reach into fibers base to eliminate the dirt. The solution hence disinfects, removes stains and then deodorized your carpet fibers. This solution is then extracted out. This also removes all the pollutants along. This method effectively removes the stains out of the carpets, giving them a like-new look.

  • Vacuum Carpet Cleaning

    This method is very powerful in extracting the most of all types of dirt from the carpets leaving them clean and flawless. This method also makes use of hot water.  The hot water is spread through the carpets. The carpets are afterward dried using the vacuum. No moisture must remain in your carpet at this stage as it can lead to bacteria formation.

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning

    This method is best for the carpets made of materials that are plant-based. They are prone to water damage. This cleaning procedure involves spilling a dry powder on the carpet. It is then spread gently in between the fibers by a brush. Finally, we remove the powder from the carpet. The powder takes out all impurities with it.

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

    Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

    At Crystal Carpet Cleaners your carpets are treated very effectively by using mild chemical solutions that are suitable for the type of your carpets. You can also avail an anti-allergen treatment for the carpets at your home.

    The anti-allergenic treatment wipes away the allergy spreading sources e.g. bacteria, mites, and fungi for a considerable period of time.

Our carpet cleaning procedure:-

  • As soon as you confirm your order, our executive will come right at your place. Moreover, we offer flexibility in terms of selecting our services with availability even on weekends and during public holidays. Hence, we will be available at the time and date you choose.
  • There will be an initial inspection to know about the type of fabric and the material of your carpets. This helps our experts curate the best treatment plan for you.
  • The cleaning process will begin next. We will be shifting all your furniture which might be acting as a hurdle in the cleaning process. This ensures that there is no dust or grime even in the areas which were hidden earlier.
  • With the help of a high power vacuum, the experts will remove all the dirt and contaminants which might be staying on the carpet surface.
Residential Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Residential Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

  • If you choose a specific treatment such as hot water extraction, stain removal, steam cleaning etc., our experts will initiate it with the right tools and equipment.
  • They will apply non-toxic, eco-friendly chemicals on your carpet which are harmless to skin, pets and humans alike.
  • Since moisture can be extremely dangerous and can promote bacterial growth, we make use of efficient dryers to dry clean the carpets.
  • Once the cleaning procedure is complete, our experts will sanitize your carpet to make it 100% bacteria free.
  • To make them exude freshness, our experts will deodorize your carpets and restore the furniture back to its original position.
  • After a final inspection and only when you are 100 % happy with the outcome will they leave your place.

Benefits of  Hiring Crystal Carpet Cleaners?

One question which can easily strike you is when there are many carpet cleaners in your area running their business, then why should you choose us? Well, here are some of the factors you might consider-

Best Carpet Cleaners Melbourne

Best Carpet Cleaners Melbourne

  • We are the professional carpet cleaners with experienced workers.
  • Our experts use the most modern methods to clean the carpets.
  • We customize the cleaning methods according to the type of carpets of their clients.
  • Our staff is present 24*7 and tries to facilitate their customers with the best discounts on combine booking.
  • The customers can avail the services even on the weekends with no additional cost.

Our areas of expertise –

  • Carpets stain removal service.
  • Anti-allergic treatment
  • Carpet mould removal.
  • Fast carpet drying service.
  • Carpet odor removal.
  • Carpet steam cleaning.
  • Wet carpet cleaning.
  • Carpet hallway cleaning services.
  • Carpet stairs cleaning services.
  • Flooded carpet cleanup
  • Carpet sanitization
  • Carpet dry cleaning service.
  • Hot water extraction service.
  • Carpet water removal.

What makes Crystal Carpet Cleaners Different from Others?

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

  • The prices are very nominal for quality services which are worth the cost.
  • We guarantee 99% of stain removal
  • Service on the same day of an appointment
  • Downtime is minimum
  • Timings are flexible
  • Cleaning methods are eco-friendly
  • Well-trained professionals

Give us a call now on 1800 425 549 to avail our exceptional services at the best price. Give your carpets a new-like look and maintain cleanliness at your home by getting in touch now!

Location: Melbourne, VIC Australia